Where We Started

The Accountrepreneur was founded by Shaan Stander, a Chartered Accountant, who has a passion for entrepreneurship and business.

Our goal, from day one, has been to drive a culture of hard work, professional service and most importantly, KEEPING the customer HAPPY.

If you need someone who will be there, come rain or shine, then The Accountrepreneur is your only choice.

We are Accountrepreneurs…

We bring state of the art technology to your business, helping you do what you do best… Run your business!!!

Giving you access to real time information for more accurate decision making.

Where Are We Heading

Our vision is to educate ALL businesses in South Africa to become more efficient and more profitable.

To become a business that can truly add value to our society.

This is done, one company at a time, by adding value whenever and wherever we can…

Let us take care of your finances

You are one step away from partnering with growth